The delicious cream cheese alternative

Inspired by cream cheese, our Gourmet Spread is rising to even higher spheres. We have produced it on an almond basis and find it wonderfully uncomplicated. Every one of the three flavours goes perfectly on good bread. But they’re the perfect partners in other situations. too. Depending on the task at hand, they can be used as a topping, they thicken, refine or whip up. They can even be baked! And as our three Gourmet Spread variations are solely plant-based, we have a particular feeling of lightness when eating them.

Even if we just happen to eat a whole pack.

Simply V – de lekkerste plantaardige kaas alternatieven

De plantaardige alternatieven voor kaas van Simply-V zijn een heerlijk onderdeel van een modern dieet. Simply-V maakt het makkelijk om lekker plantaardig te eten. Op basis van amandelen en enkele andere ingrediënten, niet te onderscheiden van het origineel. Vegan, maar dan WOW! Nu verkrijgbaar bij Jumbo, Coop, Crisp en Colruyt.

Een plantaardig alternatief voor elk gerecht.


If you’re a fan of delicious, creamy spreads, you’ll love our Gourmet Spread! Admittedly, we have the idea from cream cheese. However, we find that the Gourmet Spread goes at least one better than where the idea came from. With its purely plant-based ingredients, it simply tastes like heaven. Luckily, it is available in three different tastes.


Of course we put our Gourmet Slices on our bread in the usual way and are thrilled every single time. The fact that our Slices are purely plant-based is precisely what makes them aromatic and perfect as a small snack which is available in two different flavours: mild and intense


You love food au gratin, a golden yellow crust and the wonderful gooey strings, but at the same time, you’d like to eat plant-based only? That is what our Gourmet Grated is for: it melts at just 180° over pizzas and casseroles – just the way cheese does. Even the smell of it is just as tempting.

You like to eat vegan and love our products? Just take a picture and post it on Instagram using the hashtag #simplyv. We love to share your dishes.